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I grew up between Poland and the United Kingdom, and graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Textile Design.

Ever since graduating in 2012, I have been weaving in one way or another. From then on, looms fascinated me as objects and weaving kept drawing me back as an art practice.


Working primarily with woven textiles, my work is a personal quest for escapism, nostalgia and a sense of innocence. My practice is an homage to the nature of weaving: an ancient way of recording the world around us, a way of making lasting artefacts for the generations to come.

Drawing on stories, whether it be early memories or imaginary worlds, my work is often humorous and self-deprecating. I'm interested in how the viewer feels when confronted with the object itself.

I rely on the tactileness of the textile medium to feel truly connected to my work. Having been trained on traditional looms, I have adapted my practice to weaving on an ancient backstrap loom. The process of weaving in this medium becomes a full-body experience, where the loom relies on the careful balancing of my body, the sticks and the yarn. The work becomes hugely labour intensive, and it feels like the loom and the work produced are an extension of myself, both in a physical and metaphorical sense.

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