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A Textile Cyborg Manifesto

The dawn of the Textile Cyborg

Work In Progress

It really is November!

What is my quest?

This one took me a while.

19 August: Backstrap Weaving Workshop

Mini Weaving Documentary - WATCH HERE!

On teaching

Am I a quitter?

Studio update

Weaving at the Barbican!

The woven object

Emotions as Personas

A week to go & Loom Kits are LIVE!

Cheeky Cheetos Climbing Bag

I'm making Loom Kits

#4 Reflecting on 2022

Today: Last Christmas Orders & CRISPS on tour

Quick lil email: Christmas shipping

#3: CRISPS Collection, what to expect

#2 So, why crisps?

#1 The welcome