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Future Heritage Textiles, 2017

What happens when this world ends and we go in search for a new one? How do remember those most dear to us?

Every civilisation on earth has used textiles to express their identity or to make a mark and differentiate themselves from other cultures. This is my take on using traditional motifs but with a futuristic twist. The juxtaposition of old craft with both a futuristic and an old aesthetic.

A collection drawn and abstracted from my old family portraits with a futuristic twist. An exercise in future nostalgia.

All handwoven on my backstrap loom, cotton warp with an extra weft effect on top.

I've had people ask me if they could have their portrait made in this way. The answer is, yes you can! Let me know if you would like something similar of you and your loved ones.

All pieces are cotton, rayon, wool and approx 15cm x 6cm.

Future Heritage Textiles, 2017